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Rainer Brand has been making mechanical timepieces in the highest tradition of fine handwork since 1992. Classically inspired and topically interpreted, his works are absolute aesthetics of timeless value.

Interview in Sternstunden magazine

This past autumn the editors of the Mercedes magazine Sternstunden paid us a visit to gather insights into our work. We are delighted to share their interview with you
Rainer Brand am Werktisch

February the 14th is Valentine’s Day:

Stay a while. You are just so beautiful.

A watch is always a timeless gift, even as it marks the hours, minutes and seconds. Recipients will reap pleasure and earn recognition, while wearing this personal treasure next to their skin. The watch not only shows the time, it is at the same time an ornament and expression of good taste. Every glance in its direction reminds us of that special someone from whom we received it
RB 15 SA3
RB 15 SA3
Natural suede strap
List price €2,500
RB 15 SA1
RB 15 SA1
Black napa leather strap
List price €2,500
RB 15 SC2 SB
RB 15 SC2 SB
Steel bracelet
List price €2,700
RB 15 PANAMA thirty-six
Precision mechanical movement with automatic winding system, various leather straps to choose from, Ø 36 mm, H 10.5 mm

Watchful care for your timepiece

We are passionate about ensuring your watch functions flawlessly at all times and that its appearance will delight you well into the future – whether it is minor maintenance, checking or restoring the water resistance, installing a new leather strap, or just polishing the case. In addition, after several years when it is time for a complete overhaul, our master team with their steady hands and keen senses will inspect the mechanical parts, disassemble the drive mechanism and completely reassemble the movement. Please contact us with whatever concerns or questions you may have so that your valued companion in time will be a source of pleasure for many years to come: www.rainerbrand.de/en/service-en/overhauls/
Nadja Wenzl, Uhrmachermeisterin
Nadja Wenzl, master watchmaker: “Your watch is in good hands with me and I’m always happy to share my expertise with you.”

Cast your vote for the 2019 watch of the year

Once again, the Heel Verlag publishing company‘s ArmbandUhren magazine invites you to make your choice and cast your ballots. Our RB 18 Panama automat s2 timepiece is listed as contestant number 43 in the “Classic Watches” category.
RB 18 SA Panama automat s2
RB 18 SA Panama automat s2
Pure white dial, blued-steel hands
RB 18 SC Panama automat s2
RB 18 SC Panama automat s2
Black dial, steel hands

Don’t miss out! Voting is only open until 12 February 2019.


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