“What joy a reunion can bring … you, your watch and us.”

Surely, this has happened to you: You meet an old friend whom you have not seen in a long while, and in a few seconds, it seems as though you have never been apart. We experience such a special reunion every time we overhaul a watch in our workshop. Best is when your cherished companion through time returns to Heimbuchenthal in the hills of the Bavarian Spessart every three to five years – a journey that usually begins at one of our partners, who is also an authorized retailer. Please contact us directly if you are unable to find one near you. We will make all the arrangements to have your watch shipped insured to us.

What Rainer Brand does for your watch …

Your timepiece was built in our workshop, where it was given a serial number and furnished with the exclusive features you requested. We know your watch inside and out. During a complete overhaul, we thoroughly inspect the watch, prepare a status report, service and condition it, and make all necessary repairs. We think it is important that once the overhaul is complete, the watch will enchant its owner the same way it did the first time they met.

Why is an overhaul needed?

Even the world’s smallest precision machines need an occasional respite. By the time an overhaul is due, the balance wheel inside your watch will have traveled some 120,000 kilometers. Astonishing, is it not?

Even when everything looks in perfect order, the oils and grease that keep a watch’s mechanical parts moving deteriorate over time and must be replaced. The case gasket, and especially the seal around the crown, will age and eventually wear out. Dust and moisture can get into the watch if these seals become brittle or porous. An overhaul is an invaluable service that will keep you and your companion through time the best of friends for years to come. The following work is included:

  • Disassemble all movement components
  • Clean all individual parts
  • Refurbish or replace mechanical parts
  • Reassemble the movement
  • Lubricate the watch
  • Set and regulate the watch
  • Replace seals around case, crystal and crown
  • Check functions and power reserve
  • One-year warranty on all work performed
  • Overhauls usually completed in four weeks

And here is what you can do …

Your watch only needs a complete overhaul after five years if it is running accurately. Still, that is high time to have it serviced. In addition to this regular overhaul, you should make taking proper care of your watch a part of your daily routine.

Power reserve

Motion is what keeps your watch running. As you actively wear the watch, the rotor winds the spring and ensures that the movement runs. When you remove your watch, it will continue ticking thanks to the power reserve. You can retire to bed and your watch will display the correct time the next morning. However, you will have to wind your watch fully by hand if this pause exceeds 36 to 40 hours, as moving the watch briefly will not be enough. To wind the watch, simply turn the crown 30 times when in its normal position. Do not worry if you lose count, a clutch mechanism will prevent the watch from being overwound.

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