“You can depend on the quality of my watches.

The times you share with the watch that bears the Rainer Brand name should be nothing less than delightful. We recommend you register your watch in our service directory the moment you purchase it. As authorized retailers, our partners will be happy to take care of that for you.

Service directory benefits

In addition to extending our two-year warranty to three years, we will also record the history of your watch including regular testing, servicing, overhauls and any modifications made. This information is safe with us and can be extremely important in the event your watch is lost or stolen. More often than not, stolen property will reappear, and we have helped return many a watch to its rightful owner.

Warranty claims

Should a problem arise – by which we mean a manufacturing or material defect, not accidental damage – we will repair your watch at no charge during the warranty period. The warranty period begins on the date of purchase. Our partners will annotate the date, model and reference number on the warranty certificate, and affix their stamp to it. A few seconds of your time now in exchange for years of great service to come. What’s more, once we receive the timepiece and original warranty certificate, your watch enjoys priority for any needed repairs during the warranty period.

Our complete overhaul service comes with a one-year warranty. In the case of minor repairs, such as restoring the waterproofing, only the work actually performed is guaranteed and not the functioning of the movement. We will notify you if we discover other deficiencies while making limited repairs on your watch, to include the effort and costs that will be involved in correcting them. Then together we can decide how best to proceed. We naturally provide no warranty for any work or repairs that we did not perform.

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