“A watch movement can be adjusted,
and so can attitudes.”

Life is often an anachronism. In reading these lines, you are using digital media to learn about analog watches. Such is life in the 21st century: a seemingly continuous state of back and forth.

A Rainer Brand watch appeals to individuals not overwhelmed by the changes going on in today’s society, but instead consciously and actively shaping these transformations. The choice of owning a fine mechanical watch sets an example and epitomizes enduring values as treasures to be preserved.

Rainer and Petra Anja Brand chose the owl as the signet for their brand. The owl is associated with wisdom, composure and sustainability. The symbolic use of this venerated bird is also an expression of the Brands’ solidarity with nature and the rolling mountains of the Spessart, where they make their home.

Rainer Brand - Produktion hochwertiger mechanischer Uhren