Rainer Brand in portrait

UHREN-MAGAZIN 1/2017: Modern Times in the Spessart

The RAINER BRAND family business is independent, enjoys the luxury of building watches that suit the taste of its team, and does not seek to emulate short-lived trends. This has brought success as witnessed by Rainer Brand celebrating his company’s 25th anniversary.

Unlike the major luxury brands, now largely under the weather after indulging in an orgy of revenues these past four years, both Rainer Brand the owner and company are in excellent health and even better spirits.

A tremendous amount of work awaits Rainer Brand and his wife Petra Anja in autumn and winter. This is when they travel to exhibitions and trade shows, visit their twenty or so authorized retailers, and is the season when they can show their new collection. The Grande Panama, Brand‘s classic three-hand watch with date display at six o’clock, has undergone an extensive lift: the »Panama take five«, as the model is called and which has nothing to do with the jazz standard recorded by Dave Brubeck, is the absolutely purest result thereof.

»We are seeing a strong retro trend among almost all the brands with even Bauhaus in high demand once again. My new model clearly stands out from that crowd«, explained Brand. His »take five« belongs to the here and now. And indeed, Brand has succeeded in creating a very contemporary watch: with a diameter of 40 millimeters and a height of 11 millimeters, the »take five« is the sort of watch that can be worn by everybody for any occasion.

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